PRAISE FOR Vermeer’s Family Secrets

“Binstock resembles the detective Hercule Poirot in his methodical disentangling of the historical Vermeer from the accretion of too generous attributions and from the multiplicity of critical views, all directed to the uncovering of the artist whose autobiographical immersion in Delft, in home, and in family so fully constituted his art.”
Richard Brilliant, Columbia University
uthor of Portraiture and My Laocoön: Alternative Claims in the Interpretation of Artworks

 “Impassioned and fascinating, this novel account of the intimate links between Vermeer’s art and life bristles with intelligence.  It offers not only sympathetic and imaginative readings of the paintings, but questions some basic assumptions in art history.  Anyone interested in Vermeer will be struck by Binstock’s audacity, erudition, and deep love of art.”
Martha Hollander, Hofstra University
uthor of An Entrance for the Eyes: Space and Meaning in Seventeenth-Century Dutch Art

Vermeer’s Family Secrets is a highly original and searching account of one of the most elusive of painters.  Written with delightful verve, visual subtlety, and the courage to upend the platitudes and received wisdom of certain forms of art history, Binstock’s book promises a revolution in the study of Vermeer, his circle, and his milieu.”
—Jonathan Gilmore, Yale University
Author of The Life of a Style: Beginnings and Endings in the Narrative History of Art

“This book offers strong, informed opinions, bold claims, and precise chronology about one of art history’s favorite painters.  While Binstock’s forceful arguments are sure to be controversial, they will inevitably provoke fresh scholarly discussion and rekindle close examination of Vermeer’s luminous pictures (and those of Carel Fabritius).”
Larry Silver, University of Pennsylvania
uthor of Hieronymus Bosch and Rembrandt’s Faith (co-authored with Shelley Perlove)


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